Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Beth Myriam in Zimbabwe opened in October 2023, and is one of the  fruits of the True Life in God Pilgrimage to Egypt in September.

Archbishop Seraphim Kykkotis of the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric of Zimbabwe is responsible for the Beth Myriam. It consists of five feeding centres: at Saint Augustine in Bulawayo, at Saint Seraphim, Saint Nectarios, Panagia of Kykkos and at the Metropolis in Harare. At each feeding centre there are local volunteers who are responsible for buying the food, preparing and serving it.

They will support 400 children, some of them orphans who live in the streets. The volunteers will prepare a meal: consisting of bread, colony, mazoe juice, margarine and jam. At the Metropolis, they will  also serve them chicken. The feeding will take place once a week on Saturdays at Panagia of Kykkos and Metropolis and on Sundays at Saint Augustine, Saint Seraphim and Saint Nectarios.