On Wheels, Philippines

250 meals are brought once a week to the poor in 8 villages and to the local prison. The volunteers must move around by car to reach the poor hence the name Beth Myriam-on-Wheels.


Tokyo, Japan

the Beth Myriam feed 60-100 people every Tuesday for lunch in a community hall in Shibuya, where they are served a healthy meal of Hayashi rice (hashed pork with rice)


Manila, Philippines

One afternoon in May 2005, about 70 squatter children gathered at the basketball court  in the center of Manila. TLIG volunteers prepared snacks for them and were surprised to discover that…


Tuao, Philippines

Situated along the National Highway, in the home clinic of Dr. German and Josie De Laza, BM Tuao offers totally free medical assistance to all those in need. Hot meals are served every Friday to around 45-50 poor people, children and adults, in the area.


Orphanage in Dharmarajika, Bangladesh

Vassula was personally invited by the Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero, President of the Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha, to receive the “Atisha Dipankar & Visuddhananda Peace Gold Award” in 2003.

BM Aloshikha children

Aloshikha, Bangladesh

The Beth Myriam Aloshikha in Bangladesh has been running since 2014 and serves 33 orphans (street children) with shelter, food, clothes and medical treatment when needed. They also provide schooling for the children.

BM Yerevan

Yerevan, Armenia

The prayer group supports older people during the colder months of the year to pay their electricity payments to save them from fatality and during the warmer seasons they will supply families with children with food. They reach out to the people once a month to 50-100 people.


Surkhet, Nepal

The Surkhet Beth Myriam is an outreach program, supported every month by the volunteers at the Beth Myriams in Nepal, who give them financial support to a center in Kathmandu. The aim here is to educate the mentally handicapped.


Homs, Syria

Of all the Beth Myriams around the world, the one in Homs in Syria has one of the toughest missions. This Beth Myriam started in the summer of 2011 providing food and assistance to poor families.


Antelias, Lebanon

The Beth Myriam in Antelias, Lebanon started in 2004 by providing meals to 25 people after we visited them with the priest of the parish. Now more than 500 people receive a meal once a week.


Honiara, Solomon Islands

The prayer group in Honiara consists of more than 50 people and they meet every Thursday evening. The Beth Myriam has been run since 2011. It provides food at different venues.

BM Lipa270x202

Lipa City and Bubuyan, Philippines

Marilyn S. Jackson is responsible of the Beth Myriam which started in August 2018. They are supported by a prayer group of 300 people who meet three times a month…

School in Kulun270x203

School in Kulun, Bangladesh

In July 2000, a request came from local TLIG friends in Kulun, a small village about one and a half hours drive from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

BM Guntur preparation of food

Guntur, India

The Beth Myriam was started in 2018 by the idea of Fr. Joji who saw the need in his area of Guntur. Two True Life in God prayer groups were formed in the villages Chinakakani, Venigandla and Kaza Village, with a total of 160 people registered.

South America


Mendoza, Argentina

It was established in 2006 on the initiative of  Juanita, who set it up in her own house. Her husband Carlos, and three teenage daughters feeded elderly people and about 40 children from around the area.


Barranco, Peru

The BM in Barranco, Lima serves 120 lunches daily from Monday to Friday, 40 children and 80 adults. Free medical consultations and medicines are offered every Monday.


Propatria, Venezuela

Benito Prieto runs the BM in Propatria together with only 4 volunteers. For the past 15 years the BM has offered food, medicine and clothes to 400 people all weekdays.


Belo Horizonte I and II, Brazil

The first BM in Belo Horizonte was opened in 2003. The second one in 2007. Their main task is to serve daily meals, from Monday to Friday. Nutritious and succulent soup is served.


Brasilia, Brazil

The Brasília BM located at the very poor village of Itapoã, close to the capital was opened in 2009. Three days a week 600 people are served soup there, for some the meal is brought to their homes

BM Salvador270x202

Salvador, Brazil

This Beth Myriam was opened in 2006, distributing soup and bread in the middle of a street. After that, the coordinators rented a room to feed the people.


BM Bugumbwa in Uganda

Bugombwa, Uganda

Five days a week the children are served breakfast and lunch. Once a week a nurse comes to check that the children are all okay. All this work is done by the group of 10 to 15 volunteers.

BM Kashobwe

Kashobwe, Congo

Kashobwe is a village dear to Moise Katumbi and Mrs. Carine his wife. Not only do they they work to develop the village on the humanitarian level, but also on the spiritual level. It is in this context that they bought a a house for True life in God in Kashobwe


Cairo, Egypt

Beth Myriam Cairo now (2018) serves 33 families or about 165 persons twice a week. These families have been recognized as social welfare cases and are registered as such.


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

The Beth Myriam in Zimbabwe opened in October 2023, and is one of the  fruits of the True Life in God Pilgrimage to Egypt in September. Archbishop Seraphim Kykkotis of the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric of Zimbabwe is responsible for the Beth Myriam

North America


Maui, Hawaii

Jay and Carol Stenger are responsible, with the support of the prayer group from Maui that consists of around 10 people. It takes place once a week in Kahului Maui, in an empty lot and near a homeless center


Monterrey, Mexico

In Monterrey in Northern Mexico there is a Beth Myriam that was opened in 2006. It has grown and expanded its operations over the years so that it now helps about 55,000 people every year.


Mexico City, Mexico

Julietta Mena and Hilda Farah are responsible for the Beth Myriam, which started as far back as in 2006. They are supported by a prayer group of 8-10 members and around 25 volunteers, some of them being school youth.

BM Boca Raton 1

Boca Raton, Florida

The Beth Myriam in Boca Raton originated in May 2019 by Isabel Santos, who began buying food and feeding the poor and needy in the streets.



Athens, Greece

Started with six families (10 children and 6 adults) with information from a public institution for those with most urgent needs. The number of families now supported has increased to about 40.

BM Haywards Heath 1

Haywards Heath, England

BM Haywards Heath in England has been in function since February 2022. The BM serves around 26 people every Monday.