Visiting the School in Kulun

Vassula Ryden the founder of the Beth Myriams visited the School in Kulun in late February 2019. The school has 75 students and 8 teachers. It was opened in 2001 meeting a need to teach poor children as they otherwise had to walk very far to get to a school. At our visit, the students presented us with dances and poems which they had enthusiastically prepared.  Many of these students who graduate from the school continue to do well academically.  In her speech, Vassula reminded everyone that the Beth Myriam mission was the inspiration of the Virgin Mary and that the school is Her work.  Our Holy Virgin Mary said that it is not enough to speak good words; we have to put our good words into action.  She wants us to feed the poor.  We have to help them because our faith is not complete without good actions.  

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